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We know you love Emma Heesters, but don’t be afraid to see who else is out there. We have an eclectic group of influencers ranging from athletes, musicians, gamers, and Emma Heesters. There is always someone new to discover on LiveRaise.


Get “Loyals Only” content, exclusive never before seen footage, and early access to premieres and live streaming events.


Be a part of the action with Chat, Fancam, Fanphone. Don’t forget to amplify your comments with Coins, so you get a live response from Emma Heesters.


Feeling social? Get active on your live cam and start streaming your own content.

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Get a daily allowance of Coins that can be used to amplify your FanLine comments or Fancam videos. Coins can also be used to send stickers and gifts to your favorite influencers.

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Custom sticks and donations can be purchased with your daily Coin allowance, and sent to support your favorite influencers.

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What is LiveRaise?

It’s where fans and influencers meet.

LiveRaise gives you a place to support and interact with your favorite influencers. With built in chat, fancam, fanphone, gifting and donations, you can join in on all the action. Be part of the livestream, get exclusive content, and enter to win custom prizes and experiences.

What is a Loyal?

Loyals are the special people that make everything Emma Heesters does possible. By subscribing, watching, chatting, gifting with stickers and coins, and more Loyals help Emma Heesters take it to the next level with more content and an exclusive experience.

Why become a Loyal?

Show Emma Heesters you love them. Join the Loyals community. Watch, explore, interact and contribute.

What do Loyal’s get?

  • Exclusive access to “Loyals Only” content Never before seen footage
  • Early access to premieres and live streaming events
  • Daily allowance of coins to amplify your FanLine comments or FanCam videos, and buy stickers and gifts for Emma Heesters
    FanLine questions answered during live streams
  • Receive shout outs in live streams and on Emma Heesters YouTube channel
  • Weekly chances to win merchandise, giveaways and experiences
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